Why you should be “on brand”

When we have a strong, unified and consistent brand, making our benefits clear we will attract more support for Scouting.

The purpose of the new brand is to update the perception of Scouting across the country, where the view is often still stuck in the past with the lemon-squeezer hat and “dyb dyb dyb” and drive growth in the movement and the recruitment of adult volunteers.

Whilst change can be frustrating, the new Scouts branding is a positive move to make our logo more modern and work better online and on social media

The themes on this site have been designed to be as compliant as possible with the Scout Association’s branding guidelines. You should read the Brand Guidelines document as a first point of call.


Use the correct logo for the context (eg. National, County, District, Group or Section). Logos do not include the words “County”, “District”, or “Group”.

The logo should be used in Scout Purple, Black or White and you can generate this at scoutsbrand.org.uk

When using the logo:

  • Leave enough space around it
  • Do not change the size ratio by squashing or stretching it

Font and tone of voice

The primary font we should use is Nunito Sans, a free Google font – use the right weight for the header style. If you cannot use the primary font, please use Arial.

The tone of voice we use should be optimistic, open, challenging and active. Don’t use passive or pleading words to describe what we do. Rather than just reciting what we do, challenge the reader to join the adventure!

The key straplines and hashtags we should use are:

  • Do more. Share more. Be more. or Do more. Share more. Learn more.
  • Skills for Life – #SkillsForLife
  • Be Prepared – #BePrepared
  • Join the adventure! – #JoinTheAdventure
  • Get involved! – #GetInvolved

Use the right strapline for your content.


All photos published should be active and engaging – very few “grip and grin” presentation style photos should be used on websites or media.

Rather than showing someone getting an award, show them earning it!

Colour Palette

Use the right colours to represent Scouting!

Scout Purple HEX #7413dc
RGB r118 g20 b220
Primary colour
Scout Green HEX #23a950
RGB r35 g169 b80
Cub section colour
Scout Blue HEX #006ddf
RGB r0 g110 b224
Beaver section colour
Scout Navy HEX #003982
RGB r0 g58 b130
Explorer section colour
Scout Red HEX #e22e12
RGB r226 g46 b18
Scout Teal HEX #00a794
RGB r0 g167 b148
Scout Yellow HEX #ffe627
RGB r255 g230 b39
Scout Pink HEX #ffb4e5
RGB r255 g180 b229
Scout Section Green HEX #004851
RGB r0 g72 b81
Scout section colour
Black HEX #000000
RGB r0 g0 b0
Network section colour