New Brand 4 WordPress theme released

14 Jul 2018

Following the new UK Scouts Brand released in May, the previous themes designed are no longer compliant. However, a new theme has been designed and is now available for download and use! All websites using the old themes should be updated.
It has been designed to be responsive and in line with current website trends.
Two are two versions available:
New Brand 4 Groups
New Brand 4 Districts
The difference between these is only the number of boxes on the front page.
You can see these live on the Watford North Scouts and 9th …

Website Hosting

26 May 2012

Along with this theme, you will also need to have a domain name and hosting for your website. Unfortunately, this is not available for free at the moment, as is currently unable to take any orders due to personal circumstances.
However, it is still very easy to and pretty cheap to do this.
Domain name
Choose a domain name that fits your group – such as You are advised to use a domain ending.
This will cost less than £10 for two years. Search for a domain name here.
You might …


15 May 2012

You may have seen (and it may be how you got here!) that Scouting Themes 4 WordPress has been mentioned in the last Scouting+ email nationwide. This was to announce the launch of the Scouts 4 WordPress theme and encourage new people to make use of the resource.
On that first day, nearly 1,700 people visited the site to view it and more than 700 downloaded the theme!
Hopefully it (and the others I have produced) will be useful to a great number of Scout Leaders across the country.

Scouts 4 WordPress theme and Branding Support released

17 Apr 2012

Over the last few months, I have been working on a secret project with Gilwell. We are now able to launch a brand new Scouting Theme 4 WordPress, called Scouts 4 WordPress.
This theme is perfect for use by all Scouting organisations, and comes with a range of features including:

a dynamic content slider on the front page for news or other important information
six widgetised boxes (one specifically for Members Resources, such as programme details)
easy log-in access for leaders and parents
social media links and sharing capabilities

Along with the theme itself, we …

Credits – Terms and Conditions

14 Apr 2012

I am slightly surprised that I am having to write this post, considering the audience being Scouts. But I have noticed a number of Scouting websites using one of these themes where the webmaster has removed the credits to this site
I therefore request that Scouting webmasters leave a credit link bask to Scouting Themes 4 WordPress and, if they have removed it, to put it back in. This is not really because I want the appropriate credit for the work I have put in – but so that the …

Coming soon…

3 Apr 2012

A new Scouting Themes 4 WordPress theme will soon be released, alongside some branding support materials…

Reef Knot 4 WordPress launched

8 Jan 2012

The fourth Scouting Theme 4 WordPress has been designed for Groups and Districts who see the need for an online presence, but don’t have the volunteer time or technical expertise to manage a proper website.
The aim of the Reef Knot 4 WordPress theme is to enable these groups to set up a website that provides an external contact point and basic information without requiring substantial effort setting up and maintaining. As such, the content of the website is five simple widget boxes for basic data, such as “Who we are”, …

Theme updates

30 Aug 2011

Along with the site relaunch, I have made a few modifications to the actual themes themselves.
Firstly, the navigation bar has been updated to include a log-in link so that you can use these themes to run a Members website and hide information behind a wall away from casual internet visitors and only accessible by members (and make it easy for them to log in).
The other change is to the footer: I have modified this to include a CEOP button and make it slightly tidier.
There are also a couple of …

Site redesign and relaunch!

30 Aug 2011

I felt that it was about time I revisited this site to redesign it and make use of the ideas I had had whilst designing the themes. Hopefully it is both easier on the eye and more intuitive to actually use and navigate.
I have made one key change to the site: to download the themes, you must now register. This is so that I can monitor how many people are using the themes and communicate with them when updates are made or other such new information needs to be passed …

Free website hosting for Scouts

28 Aug 2011

Scouting Themes 4 WordPress is pleased to announce that it is partnered with, which offers free hosting specifically for Scout sections, groups and districts.
The provided hosting is 100% cost and ad free! And comes with Scouting Themes 4 WordPress pre-installed for you!
Why? Because we’re nice and want UK Scouting to have a good online presence.