Who we are

Scouting Themes 4 WordPress is the generic title for a series of WordPress templates designed for the use of UK Scouters and Scouting organisations (such as Scout Groups, Districts and Counties). The previous series of themes, which were released back in 2012, have been removed as the UK Scouts Brand Guideslines have changed.

A new theme, New Brand 4 WordPress, was released in July 2018 to meet the new Brand Guidelines released in May 2018. All websites using previous themes should be removed (as they no longer meet thr

This theme is released for use by UK Scouting Organisations. It is free to use, with the requirement that credit link in the footer remains in place, regardless of any edits which may be made to the template by users. You should review the Brand Guidelines as part of setting up your site.

An assumption of a basic level of understanding of how to use WordPress has been expected throughout this user guide – please visit escouts.org.uk or WordPress-specific sites for support.

About Chris

Chris Hawes has held different roles as an adult volunteer in Scouting, having been an ASL, CSL, Executive Committee member and is currently Media and Communications Manager of Watford North Scouts and Treasurer of the 9th North Watford Scout Group.

He is also an active contributor to the Escouts Community.