This website and WordPress theme have been designed in order to support the development of decent, free, websites for UK Scouting organisations – which are all in line with UK Scouts Brand Guidelines.

The theme was released in July 2018 to meet the changes to the branding guidelines announced in May 2018.

It is free for all UK Scouting Organisations to use!


Following the new UK Scouts Brand released in May, the previous themes designed are no longer compliant. However, a new …
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Along with this theme, you will also need to have a domain name and hosting for your website. Unfortunately, this …
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You may have seen (and it may be how you got here!) that Scouting Themes 4 WordPress has been mentioned …
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Why should you
have a website
for your Scout

A website is your self-curated face to the world. It is how you drive growth and build a positive perception of Scouting

This is where you can focus on the right elements for recruitment and other key information that set Scouting and your organisation apart from the rest.

It is your shop window or recruitment brochure, with social media supporting this as your “this is what we’re up to” feed.

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When we have a strong, unified and consistent brand, making our benefits clear we will attract more support for Scouting.

The purpose of the new brand is to update the perception of Scouting across the country, where the view is often still stuck in the past with the lemon-squeezer hat and “dyb dyb dyb” and drive growth in the movement and the recruitment of adult volunteers.

Whilst change can be frustrating, the new Scouts branding is a positive move to make our logo more modern and work better online and on social media.

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Why should you
and your Scout
be “on brand”?

But what about
using social

Social media is a great tool to make use of, and an easy and free way to contact with your local community and to get the message out there.

It can help change perceptions if we use it right to create an optimistic, open, challenging and active vision of Scouting.

Use social media in an active and engaging way and keep on posting!

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