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Branding support

The themes on this site have been designed to be as compliant as possible with the Scout Association’s branding guidelines. You should read the Guide to The Scout Association’s Brand and Visual Identity document as a first point of call.


The Scout Association have provided a range of image downloads, including the Association logo, Section logos and mascots, Badges and Awards, and cut-out images.

There is also a series of images downloadable with the Scouts 4 WordPress theme.


We have kept to three main colours from the branding palette for these themes:

Scout Purple
RGB: 77,33,119
Hex: #4D2177

Scout Green
RGB: 132,164,11
Hex: #84A40B

Scout Orange
RGB: 237,119,3
Hex: #ED7703


Online, an oft-used phrase is “content is king”. To help you with this vital part, in consultation with Gilwell we have produced a support document on how to lay out your website and what content could be included.

You are not expected to reproduce this completely; the intention is that it gives you a helping hand and some text to get you started!

Click here to download the document.