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Who we are

Scouting Themes 4 WordPress is the generic title for a series of WordPress templates designed for the use of UK Scouters and Scouting organisations (such as Scout Groups, Districts and Counties). They were designed by Chris Hawes, ASL at the 9th North Watford Scout Group, in order to help Scouting webmasters easily set up a website that looks good, is user-friendly, and matches the branding guidelines of the Scout Association.

The themes and this website have been set up as the differing IT skill sets of Scouting webmasters has led to a wide variety of website designs, some of which are less successful than others. As a website is more and more essential in the modern world in which we live, it is important that Scout Groups, Districts, and Counties have access to means of creating them easily and cheaply so that resources of our volunteers time and the money we raise can be directed towards providing the everyday adventure that forms the core of Scouting.

Therefore, after designing my District’s website, I decided to release the i.SCOUT 4 WordPress theme, free to all UK Scouters – starting with a thread on Escouts on 11th July 2010, and launched the follow-up Everyday Adventure 4 WordPress theme a month later. The Woggle 4 WordPress theme was launched in August 2011.

About ChrisChris Hawes

I am currently an ASL at the 9th North Watford, having returned to Scouting after four years away at University in October 2007. I was a Beaver, Cub and Scout in the 9th, before becoming a Venture (as it then was) in Alpha Venture Unit (1st North Watford). With the changes from Ventures to Explorers and Network coming at a time when I was moving off to university, I drifted away from Scouting – though still keeping in contact and very much using the skills I had learned in Scouting – until my return to Watford. And now I have no intention of leaving Scouting again!